So, I just received my laser from Richard Zhang today, which couldn’t have been a better today to arrive, as today is Veterans Day, and I’m a Veteran so it made my day even better!

I have Co2 laser experience, but no experience with a fiber laser.
So this is my review as of day one, unboxing and setting up.

First of all, the package is outstanding. I’ve ordered many things from the US and over seas, but this thing really impressed me. It arrived in a nice custom built wooden box, which had hinges and a latch even for the top which made it very easy for me to open up. I didn’t have to fight with any nails or a crow bar to open this at all.

Everything inside was covering in thick foam and wrapped with plastic to ensure nothing could move during transport and believe me, it was tight. It was all also arranged perfectly, not thrown in or just piled up and wrapped together, but was put in perfectly as if you had played a perfect round of tetris. You actually kinda have to figure out what to pull out in what order to be able to get it out, with out having to take the box it’s in apart. Upon getting all the parts out I noticed everything that could be damaged or that had small parts was also packed nice and neatly in their own boxes, but also done without over doing it to where it’s annoying. I was also impressed and surprised to see that they also build and attach a metal case to go over the laser portion of the machine to keep everything locked in place and ensure it doesn’t take any damage, which I have never seen on any other laser I’ve bought. All other machine parts and lenses were in their own boxes again with foam wrapping for protection. It has all tools that you need to for adjusting anything, extra fuses, all cords and cables so I need nothing else to get this going. Not to mention I bought so much stuff, they even included some Christmas items and decor along with a small pack of anodized aluminum business cards which I was very excited about.

All in all, with zero experience with this style of laser, I’m already extremely impressed with 100% of the packaging ( also noting there was Zero damage to the wooden box either) and with Richard on following up with me on the shipping, tracking number, and even helped me fill out the paperwork I needed to get it through customs which all went seamlessly and I experienced zero delay on when I was told it would get here. He told me I would get it within 2 weeks of receiving the payment and I actually got it a few days earlier than the 2 week mark which was even more impressive, seeing as all the shipment delays and everything else going on from Covid.

Needless to say I’m already a very happy and impressed customer, which is making me even more excited to learn this new machine and get this new phase of work added to my business.

From David L Mahan

Which fiber laser you should buy in 2022

Which Fiber Laser You Should Buy in 2022!

Big shoutout to Richard Zhang for helping me out with my 100w Mopa M7 Laser engraving machine with 2.5D with 3D software.

I reaserched this for over a year, spoke to a bunch of dealers on Alibaba.
I just did not feel comfortable with any vendors I met.

Reached out to Richard, told him what I needed to accomplish and he directed me to the prefect machine.

I honestly can’t wait to try this machine out.
The machine was the easy purchase now to find a desk on Amazon to put it on..
Construction quality is amazing!

In all honesty; I would have never bought this machine if it was not for Richard’s professionalism. I truly appreciate everyone’s help and advice.

If your looking for a solid company to buy a laser engraving machine, visit OMG website and read what they have to offer. Richard does great tutorials and videos.

Reach out to him tell him what you’re looking for and he will price it out.

Unlike all other vendors I met, he’s not pushy and never once bothered me.
I messaged him with requests and in a timely manner he responded with suggestions.

His end goal was to make sure I purchased a machine that could do what my jewelry business needed to be done.

I’ll be posting some videos of my progress with the machine in 2022 and from time to time I may need some tips from Y’all !!

Thanks again!
Happy Holiday’s ……….

From Nick Diamano

Review 50W Fiber Laser OMG-X

Where to Buy the Best Fiber Laser in 2023!

So I did a lot of research, I started out thinking I would have to spend 15k on a laser engraver. I spoke to alot of people and asked alot of questions, and a friend said why not spend 3-5k on a laser that’s the same as the 15k laser without the training, and spend 1k on stuff to melt and destroy.

Again more questions and asking people all over the laser pages and so many people said Richard Zhang.
I messaged him (it was at 9pm eastern time, hes in China so his days are my nights) and he messaged me right back, and was very responsive to every message either with a direct answer or a link to find more what I was looking for, normally with a video.

He has tons of people on all the laser pages that recommend him and speak highly of him.
I decided on a 30w fiber laser with a rotary attachment (haven’t tried attachment yet)
Was worried about wiring such a large dollar around to China to a person I didn’t really know, but again so many people vouched for him.
He sent me a quote with all of the wire info on it and made it easy,(I’m horrible at paperwork and have never wired money before)
He shipped it out in under 2 weeks, and it was in USA in days, it was stuck in customs a while but that couldn’t be helped. There was some paperwork at customs (again horrible with paperwork) he sent copies of everything I needed and made that easy (me over thinking it made it hard.

Packaged very well with everything I needed, also you could tell that everything had been taking out of its packaging and put back ( I’m assuming he put it all together and did a test run on with each part to make sure it all worked)
He sent me a link to a video showing how to install the program on my computer and made it very easy.
I watched a few YouTube videos on using ezcad2 and they said I would have to calibrate the new laser. I asked Richard about calibrations and he said it was already done!
I put my logo on ezcad2 lined up the lasers and hit the go petal, and the video speaks for it self.
I’ve never seen a laser work in person let alone use one before!

I’m very excited and pleased with buying from Richard Zhang and definitely recommend him and his OMG #laserengravin. I can’t wait to learn how to use it, and create some awesome stuff.

From Jonathan Knill

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