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1Which Laser Forum should I join to learn more about Fiber Laser?

Join Fiber Laser Metal Engraving -

2What is the frequency setting to get Strongest shooting for different watt fiber laser?

If you use Raycus 30w...start freq at 30..if Raycus 50w..start freq at 50khz..

If 50w jpt.. start at 40khz..if 60w start at 45khz@200ns..if 80w..start at 60khz at 200ns.. if 100w start at 75khz@200ns.. if 120w start at 90khz@200ns.. if 200w start at 240khz@200ns

3Basic Metal Cutting Settings

Cutting aluminum blanks.. 1.5mm and 3mm thickness.. if you have 50w jpt run at 40khz...raycus 50khz..60w jpt 30khz@500ns..80w jpt 40khz@500ns..100w 60khz@500ns..120w 80khz@500ns...power range 75-95%..(depending on your modules).. speed range 750-2000...lens 70-110mm..offsetting at 0.1-0.3..hatch 0.03-0.05..mode continuous until parting.

4Windows 11 Pro Issue & Ezcad2 Driver Installation

If you have issues to install Ezcad2 driver on a new computer with win11, you need to uninstall/remove the "windows preferred driver" (USBLMCV2) with the laser on and connected. Find "Universal Serial Bus devices >> USBLMCV2 >> Uninstall device", select "Delete the driver software for this device" and click "uninstall" button. Then scan new devices in device manager. If needed, power off the laser and power it back on.

5How to switch between Ezcad2 and Lightburn?

You need to uninstall one software driver first, then power off and power on the laser, scan new device in device manager, then install the other software driver.

6Where to buy Laser Safety Glass? 1064nm for fiber

7How to run Ezcad on MAC?

You can run Windows on a Mac using Parallels or BootCamp or VirtualBox.

8What is Frequency setting for Fiber Laser?

Think of it like sandpaper.....lower frequency=lower grit, higher frequency=higher grit. The lower the frequency, the more aggressive the material removal will be. So to get depth quick, use your minimum frequency, for a light etch, use a higher frequency.

It's more complex than that, but that's the simple explanation.

9What is the difference between a JPT and a JPT MOPA?

JPT only makes MOPA Engraving Lasers. The 20, 30 & 50 Watt LP-E has a Fixed Pulse Width of 200ns, the 30 Watt M7 is 2-350ns and the 60 Watt M7 and above are 1-500ns.

10What is the difference between JPT 50W LP and JPT 60W MOPA M7?
  1. Q pulse: 50 Watt LP-E has a Fixed Pulse Width of 200ns, the 60 Watt M7 is 1-500ns.
  2. Frequency: 50 Watt LP-E is 1-600khz, the 60 Watt M7 is 1-4000khz.
11Tips to Engrave Solid Black on Brass

Run a bunch of depth passes, then run a cleaning pass and then black setting.

Once it's engraved, put a little oil in the engraving and it will pop the black really nicely.

12Can Fiber Laser engrave Wood?

No and yes. Fiber laser is mainly designed for metals. Galvo co2 laser is the right tool for wood marking. But you could try wood with fiber laser, sometime it works. 

13Can I upgrade a 30W fiber to 50W?

Yes. Just buy a 50w fiber source, plug and play, nothing else.

14How to choose Lenses buying A Fiber Laser?

A. 150*150mm is suitable for most applications. 
B. 70*70mm lens is helpful for deep engraving and thin metal cutting. Smaller lens is with lower focus distance which also means stronger power shooting.
C. 300*300mm lens is useful for tumblers engraving without rotary, it has deeper focus tolenrance which allows you to do around max 40-60mm width on curved surface. Also useful for big size design when needed. Bigger lens is higher focus distance which also mean weaker power shooting, also good for plastics.

Optional lenses: 100*100mm/175*175mm/220*220mm/250*250mm/400*400mm.
For similiar size lenses, for example 70*70mm and 100*100mm lens, just choose one of them, no need to buy both.

15Is there any way to prevent Reflection while engraving and cutting?

Mask the surface with black mark sharpie or just a black marker.

For cutting reflection, put tape or paint over it first.

16Cutting comparison base on 120W and 80W Fiber

Cutting comparison base on 120w and 80w JPT YDFLP-M-R AkA CM7 model (Laser Source by Richard Zhang of Omg laser) .. all components and parameters are identical.. difference only on lenses.. 120w on 70mm..80w on 112mm both on Opex..

  1. 1st pass.. speed 2500 with wobble activated (ellipse) dia. 0.15..dist 0.1
  2. 2nd pass.. speed 2000 without wobble activated.
  3. Power 1st pass (cross hatch 45deg) @75%..2nd pass @40% (cross hatch -45deg)..hatch type.. unidirectional
  4. offsets at 0.5mm hatches @0.03.. 45 deg angle.. auto rotates @13 deg.
  5. pulsed width and frequencies on 120w 1st pass 80khz@500ns..2nd pass 90khz@200ns...on 80w 1st pass 40khz@500ns..2nd pass 60khz@200ns

(Material base on 1.5mm aluminum and brass)

120watts (70mm lens) tooks 3.5 cycles and 80watts(112mm lens) tooks 6.5 cycles (1 cycle 4 passes) with clean cutoff.

above base on aluminum and for brass just add another cycle for both module.

17How to transfer Adobe illustrator file to Ezcad?

Save as ai8, then import to Ezcad.

18How to transfer Coreldraw file to Ezcad?

Save as plt format, then import to Ezcad.

19How to engrave Glass with fiber laser?

Paint it, or put aluminum foil on it, then engrave with fiber laser.

20What to do about the burnt edges on engravings?

For singed, sorched, burnt edges, after a quick spray of clp and a pass with nylon brush, still have sanding and polishing to do, but the burn marks are gone instantly.
clp: generic gun cleaner "clean lube protect"

21Tips and Tricks for Laser Stippling on Sigs

Use the settings for 1 pass, wait 1 minute, then do another pass, do that about 6 times for most sigs, I do 4-5 on the thinner areas if you can, 320s I think you can do 8 passes. So 1 minute between each pass, it will look bad when you are done,don't worry it's ok. Toss it in the sand blaster and blast it lightly 5-10 psi keep moving, doesn't take much. Pull it out and blow it off, then add a dab of oil to rejuvenate the cerakote.  
Some times it also leaves a black residue on top, not sure if an air assist would help, I'll leave that to the experts to figure out. 

30w OMG Laser , with a 200mm lens. The real truck is the waiting time and the sand blaster. 
700 speed, 40khz, 60 power, 0.08 line distance

22Is there any free software that can be used to create the 3D grayscale images?


23Which is better for Glass engraving, UV or CO2?

UV laser works the best. For Co2, use the smallest lens you have. Use a low power as the glass fractures. Use a brass brush on a drill to remove the chards.

24How to clean Gun Slide after deep engraving?

Plastic brush + isopropyl alcohol leaves it super clean.

If you have gun cleaner or scrubber it works great. 


25Ezcad2 Error saying IPG Laser: Not Ready

It ended up being a driver issue. Reinstall the driver.

26How to make STL files?

Make them using STLs from sites like cults3d and thingiverse.

27CO2 Galvo vs Gantry Laser | To engrave Tumblers

For anyone on the fence about getting a co2 galvo you won’t regret it for doing tumblers.

Same settings for every brand and color of powder coat. Not like the fiber where sometimes you have to diddle the settings from cup to cup even if they are the same color!

1 minute start to finish and 90% of the time you don’t have any washing or clean up after!

For reference the same job on my 100w gantry is 7 minutes + clipping into the rotary and washing after with cleaner and magic eraser

60w omg co2 galvo
300mm lens
55% power
2x 45degree passes

Colton Backman

28Brass Engraving Process for your reference

Laser engraving-->Tumbling with 2mm stainless steel balls-->polishing with guitar fret rubber--> Cleaning with isopropanol-->Spray coating with zapon coating for verdigris prevention.

29Why you can't use a fiber laser to engrave wood?

Basically it comes down to wavelength and hertz of the laser and power. So some fiber lasers can work with wood but the average fiber laser you can’t modify the outputs enough. So co2 and diode work well with wood but not metal while fiber does well on metal and other similar material.

30What does extra frequency range mean in the materials your engraving onto?

It allows finer heat control for different materials and affects.
When Deep Engraving Metals with a 50 Watt JPT the Frequency is 40KHZ where the output is highest. Clean Up is at 80KHZ. 50 Watt Raycus would be 50KHZ and 80KHZ.

31 Fiber has stopped engraving on a longer project?

Fiber has stopped engraving on a longer project. The mirrors still move and red laser keeps going. No errors in lightburn. But it works again after cools.

It is more like overheating, try to put a fan close to the laser box, to keep it cool, especially when you do non-stop engraving for hours.

32Laser is more powerful on the left side and barely scratching the surface on the right side?

Check the alignment of the Galvohead to the table.

33Different Fiber Laser, LightBurn Set Up

If LightBurn is already set up and using a fiber laser, and you plug in a new, different fiber laser, LightBurn can't tell them apart, so it won't "detect" the new one, because it's already connected to it, thinking it's the old one.

Click 'Create Manually', not 'Find my laser', and choose JCZFiber as the device type and proceed from there.

When using the laser, run LightBurn first, choose the correct device from the drop-down list to the far right of the 'Devices' button, then power on the machine.


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